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Damone Scott

Damone Scott, Writer/Reporter

Damone Scott is a native to Lake Charles, Louisiana and he lives with his mom and grandparents.  He is sort of the second oldest child he has a little sister and a twin sister 

He has had a couple of pets mostly dogs and fish, most of them “ran away” or caught a ride down a river and not the ones that go lead into the ocean if you catch that drift but as of now he is pet-less. Some of his favorite things to do is play video games any kind is fine, movies as long as they are somewhat original and good, salvaging even thought his luck is like a thousand smashed mirrors, treasure hunting but for him its like if an air force pilot was blind short story even shorter never going to happen, he likes playing games like football, checkers, track, and swimming ( the sport). He is known for his wit and great sense of humor!

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In memory of Joshua Kel Moore

In memory of Joshua “Kel” Moore

Damone Scott, Writer/Reporter
March 16, 2022

Upgrading the Lake

Damone Scott, Reporter/Writer
March 15, 2022
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