What are the most popular Thanksgiving dishes?


Amiah Dugas, Writer/Reporter

In my opinion, the most common or popular among many tables would be the big roasted turkey. Of course, everyone has their own delicious menu that they enjoy but you can’t miss out on the turkey. The turkey normally serves as the main course with a variety of sides, dressings, desserts, and more.

In the dessert category, the pumpkin and pecan pie are the most popular pies to be eaten on Thanksgiving day. Their mouthwatering taste always keeps people on their feet and leads them to the continuous wanting of additional slices being thrown onto their plates to be further devoured later that day. Besides the beautiful desserts, you have the classic dressings to fit your specific taste like “Southern Cornbread Dressing”, “Rice Dressing , ” Vegetable Casserole” or “Traditional Stuffing”. Mac and Cheese is also a common dish served across the table. But you can’t miss out on the freshly baked bread rolls. These chewy dinner rolls are so delicious that you just can’t have enough. You have the choice to make them yourself or get them from a nearby Walmart, etc. Either way they are still delicious. All of these dishes fit specifically for a family – not for everyone. Everyone has different beliefs, traditions, and routines that they do on Thanksgiving day that separates many from one another. Overall, Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks, spend quality time with family, and enjoy delicious meals throughout the night. With this you can play games, have fun, and appreciate all that God has given you.