Lady Chargers


Baylee Guillory / Cailee Jones, Writer/Reporter

The Lady Chargers Volleyball Varsity team lost to 25/22 by the Iowa’s Yellow Jackets with 3 sets and the young Lady Chargers J.V team lost to 21/14 with two sets played. The Yellow Jackets played their last game against the Lady Chargers, they took home their win. We give congratulations to the Yellow Jacket for their great season. It was a great game for both teams and for the Lady Chargers we may not have won but a lesson was learned. That if we work as a team anything can be done. They Lady Chargers showed that last week and kept their heads up when they played their sets.


The Lady Chargers played their hearts out that night, they moved their feet while playing, went for the ball as it was coming down. They didn’t let their mistakes mess them up as they played. They worked hard to win the sets and they didn’t let themselves get in their heads as they played the Yellow Jackets.