5 Must-See Exhibits at the Houston Museum of Natural Science


Khloe Wolfe, Writer/Reporter

Here are Five Must-See Exhibits at the Houston Museum of Natural Science:


  1. Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife

If you’ve ever wanted to see Texas’ wildlife up close, but you’ve never had the chance, then you should visit the Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife. There, you can see the animals up close, and the animatronics makes the whole experience even more exciting. You can see animals that are now extinct. Yes, they are stuffed, but that gives you a safe experience to see your favorite Texan animals!

  1. Hall of Ancient Egypt

If you love ancient history, the Hall of Ancient Egypt is for you! Here, you can see artifacts, hieroglyphics, and even a mummy! These ancient artifacts will leave you in awe and you’ll be longing to come back. The museum’s mummy, Ankh Hap, will live you speechless as you get a glimpse of the rare sight. If you love feeding your brain with history facts, then visit the Hall of Ancient Egypt!

  1. Welch Hall of Chemistry

All chemistry lovers will be excited about this upcoming hall! The Welch Hall of Chemistry will be coming to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in 2023, but it’ll be worth the wait! In this exciting hall you will find more than what you would learn in your chemistry class. Based on pictures, this hall is visually stunning. This is hall will provoke the interests of all ages, and will give you a new perspective towards your science class!

  1. Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals

In the Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals, you’ll see beauty in every direction. Different minerals and gems from all over the world can be found here! From stunning rocks to mesmerizing crystals, this hall will make you want to keep all of them! To all the rock collectors out there, this hall is for you! Big and small, you’ll love them all!

  1. Morian Hall of Paleontology

Maybe the most exciting hall in the whole museum, this memorable exhibit will leave you astonished! Not only will you see enormous dinosaur skeletons, but you will also see other prehistoric beasts such as giant sloths and even a megalodon jaw! Unlike most museums, where the dinosaurs and other beasts are just standing there, you get to see these ferocious beasts in action! These huge skeletons will teach you about our past and will leave you with a sense of relief that they aren’t here today.


The next time you and your family are planning your next vacation, visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science.