LCCA Lighthouse


Baylee Guillory

LCCA Lighthouse opinion

The lighthouse team is for the Leader In Me, in my opinion this newly restarted team has a great idea going for them with finding the leader of our school and to bring kindness to our peers. The lighthouse team consist of two students from each grade from 2nd to 8th grade. You can see this student greeting visitors and leading academic celebration. Which I think it is so great that this student can be giving such an important job as leaders.

From the information that I reserved from Mrs. Cook the lighthouse head leader the lighthouse team will meet ones a month to go over their jobs for that month. Mrs. Cook also express that there will be peer tutoring. There are so many great school clubs to join at LCCA, but the lighthouse team is one of those clubs that you’d want to join. As a student in LCCA the lighthouse team just sounds like a great way to get students and their peer to spread kindness.