First Game of the Season for the LCCA Cheerleaders


Amiah Dugas, Writer/Reporter

The first football game of the season was a huge success for the LCCA boys football team. The stands were full of people who were very excited and thrilled to see what would come next from the Chargers on the field.

The cheerleaders were indeed nervous and had many jitters that came along with cheering at their first game. As soon as more cheers were called, the girls jitters and nerves had soon been released. This caused them to feel more comfortable while performing these cheers throughout the game.

The ladies jumps were excelled beautifully along the sidelines. When it was time for spirit sticks, much of the crowd willingly participated in hopes of catching some candy thrown by the cheerleaders. The crowd loves when we throw spirit sticks because it allows them to enjoy multiple delicious candies for the remainder of the game. The mob of people in the stands plays a huge role in helping the cheerleaders hype up the boys in many ways.

During halftime, we will go to the opposing sides cheerleaders to ask if they would like to participate in a welcoming from both sides. Once they confirm, we would start off with a “Hey Gang” Cheer that we use to formally introduce their cheerleaders to our side and they use their own cheer like “Hey Gang” to introduce us to their side. In this cheer we are allowed to do a jump of our choice to present to the crowd. After we finish our jump we have to spirit with their school name/mascot; for example “Lets go Chargers”. Afterwards, we have a choice of choosing what cheer we could incorporate with the opposing sides name. Then we will preform our cheer to their side and they will do the same to ours. This ritual is just a nice gesture that we love to do with the opposing sides cheerleaders on game night.