Where in Lake Charles Louisiana Has the BEST Fries?


Carlos Este-McDonald, Writer/Reporter

                                                  Opinion Article

I wanted to know “Who had the best fries in Lake Charles?” My opinion was that Wendy’s had the best fries with McDonalds at a close second; but I also wanted to determine a list of the best based on my opinion, the prices of the fries, the opinion of others, and variety of fries. So, I did a survey on my peers, and teachers; the restaurants were Mcdonalds, 5 Guys, Chick Fil A, Wendy’s, Burger King, Checkers, Buffalo Wild Wings/B Dubs, Canes, Sonic, and Popeyes. In summary, Mcdonalds has the cheapest small size fries at $1.39, Raising Canes has the cheapest medium/regular size fries at $1.49, and Chik-Fil A has the cheapest large fries at $1.85. There is also XL fries, but only Checkers has it; the cheapest flavor of fry is the Bacon Fondue Fries from Wendy’s at $1.99. The most expensive fries are Five Guys’ Large fries at $5.79. Checkers has the most variety of fries at 7 with the least variety being a tie between Raising Canes and Buffalo Wild Wings with only 1 choice of fries. With all this data I have concluded that #1 is Mcdonalds for their price, taste, and variety, #2 is Wendy’s, 3 = Chik-Fil-A, 4 = Checkers for their variety, and 5 being 5 Guys. I say 5 Guys has the 5th best fries over Burger King despite not having a vote is because of their variety of fries.

                                                                          Poll Results

The result of the poll was Mcdonald’s 18 votes in 1st, Chick-Fil-A 17 votes 2nd, 3rd is a tie between Checkers and Wendy’s at 2, and Burger King in last with 1 vote, no other restaurant got a vote. Another variable to consider is the voters themselves; the teachers went for more varied options while students went with the more popular ones on average.


Mcdonalds       | Chik-Fil-A
Small- $1.39         | Small- $1.55
Medium- $1.79    | Medium- $1.65
Large- $1.89        | Large- $1.85
18 votes                | 17 votes
Wendy’s                                                     | Burger King
Small- $1.69                                                   | Small- $1.79
Medium- $1.99                                              |Medium- $2.19           1 Vote
Large- $2.19             2 Votes                        |Large- $2.39
Cheese Fries- $2.19                                      |
Bacon Fondue Fries- $1.99                        |
Popeyes                         |   Raising Canes                                          | Sonic
Regular- $1.79    None  | Crinkle-Cut-Fries- $1.49          None | Small-
Large- $3.99                   |                                                                   |Medium- $2.19         None|                                          __________________________________________________| Large- $2.39
Five Guys                                  |  Checkers                                       | Popeyes
Regular- $4.19                             |Small- $1.99                                         |Regular- $1.79          None
Large- $5.79 None                      |Medium- $2.29                                   |Large-$3.99
Cajun Fries- $3.09                      |Large- $2.59                      2 Votes     |_____________________________
Cajun Fries Regular- $4.19       |Extra Large- $4.19                              |Raising Canes
|Fully Loaded- $3.19                  |                                                                |Crinkle Cut Fries- $      No Votes
|Chili Cheese Fries- $3.19        |                                                                 |
|Bacon Zilla Fries- $3.19          |                                                                 |                                                                                ___________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                               B Dubs/ Buffalo Wild Wings                                                                                                                                                                                          Regular- $3.49