All GENDERS In U.S Schools Should Have the Same Number of Opportunities In Sports


Baylee Guillory, Writer/Reporter

As a young girl who enjoys participating in school sports, I think there should be the same amount of sport team opportunities for females and males. I personally believe that a young women should be able to wrestle just like young man can, and without being told it is  a guy’s thing or without being harassed by others. A lot of family with young boys with behaver problem are told to join a sports team but girls are never really told that and then girls do not even think about being able to join sport or what sports they could be good at. Researching, I found out only 15 states in the U.S have females wrestling. In an interview with Mrs. Myers, she gives me her belief that there should be the same sports for all genders.
Now we should talk about reasoning females and males do not have the same number of sports in high school or in normal society. All I am saying is that sports are looked at wrong. No sport is just for one gender. If you want to play a sport you should be able to no matter what gender you are. Like cheerleading you do not have to be a female to cheer, and it would not define you as a person for wanting to do that sport. Currently 22 states allow boys volleyball in schools. People should have to wonder if they can get on a team because of their gender. People should only have to think about their skills.