Saving lifes against Covid-19

Saving lifes against Covid-19

Cailee Jones, Writer/Reporter

In my opinion the City of Lake Charles needs to be more hands on with the covid-19 mandate because the covid-19 number are going up every day and we don’t see that since they are rising slow again in Lake Charles due to people not wanting to wear mask or stay 6 feet apart or not getting in large groups. Every day when you look on the news you will see that more people are getting covid-19 than getting tested and deaths are going up as well as the cases are, we are getting to the point where they need to be more hands on with the whole covid-19  mandate or we will have to go on lockdown to keep each other safe.

Currently in Lake Charles, Louisiana the covid-19 cases are rising due to people not wearing masks. Also having large groups of people not wearing masks in public places and having parties with too many people that caught the disease. You can get the disease by staying near another person that has caught the disease or showing symptoms, that’s how covid-19 is spreading from person to person which is keeping the disease from hitting a peak. Lots of people don’t understand the second strain of covid-19, that’s why cases are continuing to go up more and more as we don’t understand the second strain as much as the first strain of covid-19.

The deaths and cases go up more and more as we are opened more to the outside world and are not wearing masks, so the cases hit a spick, but the cases hit a peak when we are under a mask mandate or on lock down it keeps cases down. When we are on lock down the cases will hit a peak. Some of the people don’t understand when we are locked down the cases peak but when we are exposed to more groups and large groups of people the cases start to rise more and more if we don’t keep the masks on and big groups down. We will never reach a point where the cases can hit a peak and help keep us safe and others around us that are closer than 6 ft without a mask on their face.

They are testing everyone, and the White House keeps banning travelling to keep cases down and from spreading it to others. They are encouraging people to get vaccine to keep the chances of getting covid19 down. They are placing more mandates to keep everyone safe and to let the cases hit a peak everywhere so they can lift the mandate, so we don’t have to wear masks anymore. The government places the mandates on some states depending on how bad the Covid-19 gets in them states. If you look at Lake Charles, Louisiana you’ll notice that we are on a mask mandate again for the 4th or 5th time since covid-19 has started, covid-19 gets very dangerous to the point where they close schools to keep us safe and help make the cases peak so we can be free and live without masks.

People from LA Trobe University think that some people are optimistic about encountering covid-19 but some people are pessimistic about getting covid-19 since they feel like they are more at risk with covid-19. They feel that covid-19 can be spreading with the outdoor space since the air is blowing everywhere some people said it can influence how they think and feel about how covid-19 spreads. The KPLC news feels that people should get vaccine. They are starting to make young adults in college get vaccine so they can finish college face to face and keep everybody lives easier so Covid-19 cases can go down for the first and second strain of this disease we have been dealing with for 2 years almost.