The Greatest

Jalen Dejean, REPORTER

As I see it. We all see things in different ways, which is why we each have our own opinion therefor, I think Kentrell Gaulden has been the best rapper of the last 4 years. To begin, one reason I think this is in view of the fact that according to google he received 50 gold and platinum plaques already in his career. Keep in mind he is only 20 years old. Another thing is, In the year 2020 alone, he had three number one albums on the billboard top 100. If you ask me that is a lot.

As claimed by YouTube he is the number one rapper on YouTube, and he also averages 3 mil views a day. I also did some personal research by asking some of my piers what they think of YB. Most answers we positive. If you looked on his YouTube page you could see that in almost every video the ratio of likes to dislikes is 10/0.5.


In all, I think Kentrell Gaulden is the best rapper of this generation.