Look Out, the Lady Chargers Here!!


Amiah Dugas, Staff Reporter

The 2021-2022 Lake Charles Charter Academy Cheer season is off to an amazing start! The Lady Chargers have raised over $14,688 with a $7,344 profit to cover the cost of bus fees and other needs for the season!


The girls were so excited to receive their new jackets and you will get to see them all over campus, I’m sure. In an interview with Coach Jenee, she gushed over the talent, integrity, and hard work of her girls!

“The Chargers work hard even when times get tough. Those cheerleaders have been working hard since August 2nd, and practice daily to make sure their motions are tight and to assist others when they need it. The cheerleaders help uplift each other when they struggle and have created a special bond with each other throughout the season. They are great role models on and off the field and they strive for excellence on and off the field and they strive for excellence inside the classroom. The girls are not just cheer sisters; they are a family”.

Make sure to come support the Lady Chargers at all football and basketball games!