Ms. Mansell


Alayjah Harris, Writer

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Mansell to get to know her a little better! Ms. Mansell has been an teacher for 3 years. Here is that interview!

Q: What motivated you to be an Middle School teacher?

A: I like to work with middle school because its an time in children’s life where there going through a lot of changes and if I can help them not only negative the changes there going through socially but also the brain changes that they go through to 10-15 years old at the time where the kids need the most help and happy to help them!

Q: How long you have been an teacher for Lake Charles Charter Academy?

A: I have only worked at Lake Charles Charter Academy for 3 years

Q: Why did you want to be an assistant / stage Manger for LCCA Theater?

A: Theater is a Way for kids to break out there comfort zone and to do things normally would not do it was actually a theater director who got to socially myself and I think working with theater and any except  allow me to help kids un u58ease there potential

Q: How long you have been an assistant/Stage Manger for theater?

A: I have work for the the theater 2 in a half years

Q: Do you enjoy theater and being a teacher?

A: I really do  enjoy it that something i would want to be more involved with in the future helping design sets and props more in the future!!