Community Service

Community Service

Averiyan Rougeau, Writer

A lot of people are very busy in the day and there are many reasons why but there are some things that could lead to helping with community service. Community service is a service that you do to benefit your community, there are many ways you could help people around you who may really be in desperate need but just asking or trying to help would really show how much you do care for them even if you do not know them. Anything as in teaching, volunteering, encouraging reading, providing things for homeless shelters, or anything that helps the community make their way into a better place.


  • Collecting useful things for the homeless and donating

Donating something you will have no more use too could do so much for any person or a family and you could help them feel safer without a home by having them warm and feel protected because of their new clean clothing that was given to them.


  • Giving free lessons

Many people have so many different interest with a lot of their favorite hobbies but sometimes there can be difficulties with what ever they’re into, so getting better help with it would be the first thing they’d want to do to get better at it but sometimes prices for those things are very high, so high that they can’t improve on it. Giving free lessons could not only help you gain more customers who are wanting to take your lessons.


  • Doing Things to Help around Your Community

A lot of problems that are caused in the community could simply be fixed in a few minutes, and others can be a bit longer but at the end of it, it always leads you somewhere better than the damages, and others may want to help. Things like taking tasks for neighbors who can’t do it themselves, as in people who are sick, busy, or not being able to do theses things because of some illnesses, any reason because of the cause.


  • Create Things in Your Community

Making more things interesting as in creating karaoke spots for people who are into gatherings with your family could gain you to have money saved up and others having a good time or you could create a dog park around areas were people live close to so that you could not only just make it easy for people but also help people get exercise, but anything that your community have been speaking about could help with this problem.


  • Volunteering For Your Community

Volunteering to help with something could help not only the owner so much but it could also give you a boost of confidence and make you satisfied about what you’ve done and you might want to do it more often to help others in situations as in cleaning trash which could do so much for the environment, you and others.