Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

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Mya Angelou 

  We all know Mya Angelou for being an author and her poems and activist. 

Mya Angelou went thought things to as a young girl. 

Mya was sexually abused by her mother boyfriend, and he was later sent to jail and when he got out, he was later killed.  believing that her confession of the trauma had a hand in the man’s death, Angelou became mute for six years. 

Maya was muted because she believed that her voice  killed a soul of a man. When she got older she  wanted to start making poems and books. So that’s what she did. Mya was  raise in   Compton Hill African American neighborhood .She was  born   April 4 1928. Mya Angelou was put to rest May 28, 2014. Mya has one brother  his name  is Bailey Johnson, .Maya whole  name is Marguerite Annie Johnson. Maya has one son name is Guy Johnson she only has one kid. Maya only son die at his home in Oakland, Calif. Guy father is Enistasious ‘Tosh’ Angelos,. He is Maya Angelou’s ex-husband 

We all love Maya for who was, and we will never forget the things she did for all of us on this earth