Why did you choose LCCA?

Why did you choose LCCA?

Rhaelynne LeDay, Writer

It is the 8th graders’ last year at LCCA, and they will soon be in High school. So I decided to go around and ask why did they choose LCCA.

Here is some feedback from students!

Kayden Purvis- “This is better for my education.”

A’ziona Guillory- “To learn more things.”

Anazia Jones- “Learn new things and do better.”

A’Liah Thomas-” For better opportunity.”

AJaliyah Walker-“More options.”

Gelayah Cater-“To have open opportunity to be able to better my learning. ”

Chrysana Stewart- ” It is a nice organized and the people here are nice.”

As you can see they really care about  LCCA and the care about their education and opportunities they have, sense they will be leaving I hope this article does bring attention to parents to bring their kids to LCCA.