Jobs for Younger Adults

Jobs for Younger Adults

Averiyan Rougeau, Writer

There are young adults that are trying to get a job and the only way is actually working at a job, but there are plenty of ways younger people could make money without having to work, here are 3 things I came up with for young adults to make money.

• Hair
If you were to start doing have you must be careful and make sure your clients are aware that your business of doing hair is not as high as they would think, you must have a hair license to do hair so its better to do smaller things to help with clients instead for dyeing hair or anything, because doing hair without a license could cause you to get in trouble, but if you were to have a license you would be allowed to dye your client’s hair or braid their hair. If you do so encourage them to visit again and your client might get others to notice your business. Use social media, this is a better way for people to come across your page and book you for an appointment. (If you were to want to get more serious with this job, you must be sure to have a hair license)

• Helping Elders
A lot of elder people are not able to do housework because some elder people have health issues and don’t have the energy to get up and do things for themselves, so, helping out with things like mowing lawns, helping out cleaning around their homes would help them out with so much, and younger people do have a lot more energy than elder people so asking for a job would make you a lot.

• Babysitting
Babysitting is one of the most helpful things you could do, a lot of guardians must provide for younger kids and work for them is a lot of work, so helping with children is another thing you could do to make a lot of money, but if you are to babysit, be aware of these things.
1. Always ask the parent about allergies, you never know what they might leave out.

2. Know what tempters are to a fever.

3. If you are to make a snack for the child make sure to ask permission of the guardian if it is alright.