Track 2022-2023!!!

Track 2022-2023!!!

Alayjah Harris, Writer

Girls track team 2022-2023, Congratulations to the girls who made the team!

How do you feel about the girl you have to choose this year for the track?

In an interview with Coach Joseph, she said, “I feel like we going to have a good team. I do know there’s room for growth and also feel like because we lost 7 girls last year to have some girls step up the role. For example, Luckey! That’s why I have Kamille Gibson taking on the responsibility for the events Luckey played in last year. Kamille is more than capable.

Do you have any quotes or motivational thoughts for the girls?

” Yes, always trust the process. You may not see it or feel it where you want to be in the beginning because it’s going to be a lot. I always tell my girls I’m not going to lie to them they need to put in a lot of work but the growth throughout the season. From the times they ran at the end its about growth… even if you don’t come in first so just trust the process!!