Ways to Study For Exams

Ways to Study For Exams

Averiyan Rougeau, Writer

There are students that are having trouble with trying to find ways to become prepared for their test that will help improve their grades, I have found some ways to help with their issues and solve their solutions.



Proper planning & understanding what to do can be very helpful to getting good grades. When you are assigned to do homework to help you with your exam, try to get some of it done to help you understand the topic more so you can focus on studying for exams.

  1. Determine what percentage grade you need on the exam to get the grade you want in the class.


  1. Determine how many days you have left to study & break it down into hours.


  1. Proportionally attribute those hours to each exam depending on priority & make a realistic study plan for each based on how many hours you have left.


There are many ways people help themselves prep for a test, but here are some productive and helpful ways you could study.


  1. If you’re struggling with a topic, try to go over your weakest topics so that you could be more confident when answering the question, this could help you get more into studying and prevent you from having trouble remembering things when you’re in the middle of testing.


  1. If you’re giving an educational video of the topic for your test you must be sure to watch it to help yourself, be more clear, and have an idea for a question if you’re in contact with it.


  1. Writing down basic notes and read through the chapter and just take notes on the things that you remember that you might miss on the exam