Middle School Teacher of the Year Nomination Goes to… Ms. Fisher!!


Alayjah Harris, Writer

The Teacher of the Year award is an award that came out in 1952. The Council State School Officers started a project to reward excellence in teaching. Teachers are chosen for the Teacher of the Year award every year. There are 5 ways someone can be nominated for this award.

1. By a Student

2. By a co-worker

3. By an administrator

4. By the school district committee

5. By a friend or family member.

Teacher candidates must submit written material to a review panel. At Lake Charles Charter Academy, our very own 8th-grade teacher, Ms. Fisher, received the nomination for the award this year 

Q: How do you feel about getting nominated for the Teacher of the Year award? 

       A: Aside from the shock, the great news, it made my last past 17 years worth it.

Q: How much work did you put in to get nominated? 

      A: Yes, I feel like I work hard to get picked, I take time out of my weekend to come up to school.  

Q: Did you think you were going to get the nomination? 

      A: I would think I would get picked, every year. I would put in a letter to be chosen for the spot. The real reward to me is every year some of my old kids would come up to me and say that they

      remember doing the work that I taught them that is the real reward to me, and I love it  

 Congratulations to Ms. Fisher on getting the Teacher of the Year award nomination! Good Luck!