Volleyball game


Alayjah Harris, Writer/Reporter

The Lake Charles Charter Academy volleyball team played against The Southwest Charter Academy volleyball team. The game took place at Southwest Charter Academy. The game started at 5:00pm-7:15pm. Varsity played 2 games and won both, JV played two games and won one, and Southwest JV team won the other one. The first score for Varsity was 25-18, the second score for variety was 25-21, JV score was 25. coach joseph wanted to shout out this one girl on the varsity team who showed out, Nelly Feliciano she had 10 points in serving, 3 digs and 1 kill. Coach Joseph also wanted to shout out this one girl on the JV and Varsity team, Roy’el Aaron she played between Varsity and JV, she also had 7 points off her serve. Coach Joseph quoted “I’m so proud of our girls! We have a few adjustments to make. But they are on the right track! Our jv babies were a little nerves, yet with a little more playing experience they will be ok.”