Welcome to the LCCA Family, Mr. Woodard

Welcome to the LCCA Family, Mr. Woodard

I'Layonna Victorian, Writer/Reporter

We love to let everyone get to know the amazing new teachers who have decided they want to call LCCA home! We sat down with our very own new 7th-grade math teacher for a chat!

LCCA Observer: What made you come to LCCA? 

Mr. Woodard: I felt that I wasn’t getting any better than where I was before. I heard so many things about LCCA and I had to be a part of that movement. 

 LCCA Observer: Do you enjoy LCCA? 

Mr. Woodard: I love it here. I’m around familiar faces and the students are wonderful. Great vibes everywhere. 

 LCCA Observer: What should students expect from your class?  

Mr. Woodard: They should look forward to a teacher that can get the best out of them by just me being genuine and understanding. 

 LCCA Observer: What would students be surprised to find out about you? 

Mr. Woodard: I love to go fishing with my uncle on weekends. I can do that every day if possible. 

 LCCA Observer: What inspires you to be a teacher? 

Mr. Woodard: I love helping students see that they are capable of being anything that they want to be as long as they are willing to put in and the work successfully. 

 LCCA Observer: What is the best /worst thing about being a teacher? 

Mr. Woodard: I love my student’s/teachers’ interactions. It is always a mystery what I am going to get each year. I really hate grading papers. I need an assistant for all of that. LOL 

 LCCA Observer: How do you show your school spirit?  

Mr. Woodard: I let the students and faculty know that I am willing to do anything for the school through my actions and presence. 

 LCCA Observer: What makes a good day at school?  

Mr. Woodard: I feel that any day I am here for the kids is a good day. 

 LCCA Observer: What are some traditions or superstitions you have for your first day of school? 

Mr. Woodard: Nothing really. I just must be consistent and fair when it comes to the students of LCCA. 

 LCCA Observer: What accomplishment fills you with pride so far? 

Mr. Woodard: I think knowing that the kids trust me so early is a great accomplishment. I will do everything in my power not to let them down. 


Everyone let’s thank Mr. Woodard for coming to LCCA!