Rhaelynne LeDay, Writer/ Reporter

Last year in my 7th grade English class, we read The Giver, by Lowis Lowry. At first, I hated it because I hate reading, but as we started reading and got into it more, it quickly became one of my favorite books I have read in school.  One thing I love about the giver is that it has many good parts. So many in fact, it is hard to pick just one. The two that stand out to me the most are:

1. When Jonas was playing catch with his friend Asher using an apple instead of a ball. This stands out because it shows how Jonas is different from the people around him. It starts the reader wondering what is so special about him.

2. When Jonas touched baby Gabe’s back while he was fussing at night. He gave him a memory of a sailboat on a lake. This stands out because it shows that they both have light eyes and are able to receive memories makes them special and also gives them a connection.

These are two parts that I enjoyed and found interesting. I really love this book because it had so much passion and so much excitement, I will recommend you read the giver. You will really enjoy it even more than I did. I rate this book a 5/5 so many good parts.


I’d like to shout out to Ms. Myers for reading us the book. I’m so happy she could read this book to us and take her time to also let us watch the movie. It changed the way I look at the world around me!