What a Great Start Chargers Football!

Can’t hide that Charger pride!


LCCA Cheerleader, Bailey looks on as our Chargers handle business!

Je'Niyah Conerly, Writer/Reporter

The Charger Boys had a remarkable day Saturday, Sept 3! LCCA played its 1st football game of the 2022-2023 season against Magnolia Charter School of Excellence. Boy was it stunning! The final score was 36-0, the chargers are something serious. We are proud of the boys on the team. A few boys really did stand out.

  • In a spectacular first play, Ayden Carter mossed a defender to score the FIRST touchdown of the game!
  • R’Lon Poter ran his 1td of the season for 65 yards.
  • Kai Fontenot aka “Lockdown” scored an incredible touchdown!
  • Jordan Griffin, fast as lightning…scored a touchdown!
  • JV aka the younger boys played great which was definitely influenced by the incredible game the Varsity brought to the field!

Some might make it seem as if the LCCA football team is cocky! We have heard the gossip. However, we would not say they are cocky, they just have an elevated level of confidence! Coach Shaw explained, “Our boys are never to seem cocky, their confidence is just a high level of mentality.” We want to give a huge shout-out to Coach Coleman!! In the two years that he has been coaching at Lake Charles Charter Academy, the impact he has had on our student-athletes is evident in their performance both on and off the field. We can’t wait for more games GO CHARGERS!!!