Welcome Back Ms. Dubrial!

Welcome Back Ms. Dubrial!

Alayjah Harris, Writer/Reporter

Sometimes when teachers leave, they miss their school so much they decide to come back. One of those teachers is Ms. Dubrial. She was a middle school teacher here for a few years and decided she wanted a change. Thankfully, she missed us and is back. I sat down with her to find out how she feels about being a Charger again! 

Q: What made you decide to come back to LCCA? 

A: I came back to LCCA because I missed all the kids and friends, and the culture is like a family. 

Q: What made you want to go downstairs instead of being upstairs this year? 

  A: My transition from being upstairs to being downstairs this year was because I took a position last year as an autism teacher. This is what led me into that position as a kindergarten teacher teaching them how to read and achieve small goals. 

Q: What should students expect when they come into your classroom?  

 A: It is a lot different position to take when you are a teacher and a counselor.   

 Q: How do you feel about teaching a lower grade this year? 

A: When students walk into my classroom they should expect to have fun and enjoy learning. I  like teaching a lower grade this year because it’s different and learning how to teach with someone else. I am really close with my co-teacher and I love my team even though I miss being upstairs.  

Q: What are you trying to accomplish this year?  

A: I would like to learn how to be a better co-teacher and to become more familiar with the special education system. I want to help all of my students accomplish their goals.

Well, we are so glad to have her back! We love you, Ms. Dubriel!