Mother paid her son 1,800 to Stay off Social Media for 6 years


Cailee Jones, Writer/Reporter

Ms. Lorna Klefsaas offered her son $1,800 to stay off of all social media platforms for 6 years. When Sivert Klefsaas was only 12 years age, His mother came up with an idea of giving him a check of $1,800 dollars if he can stay off of social media. On his 18th birthday, Sivert was able to cash his check then and get his phone back.

This all started one moring in 21016 for a challenge or trend called “16 for 16”. Which a mother did the same thing Sivert mother did. But Ms. Lorna chlled this one “18 for 18”.¬† She did wonder if Sivert could do it or would he back out. He did a great job of staying off of Social Media from 12 to 18 years old.