Leap Test


Baylee Guillory, Writer/Reporter

Leap testing season is starting and teacher are getting students ready for the end of the year test. The week we come back from spring break will be leap test week. It is very important to make sure you do your best and stay focused. To the 3th graders this year is the first year taking the leap test just work hard and think about what you have learned throughout the school year. To our 8th grader make sure you put fourth maximum effort and take the leap test very serious because  it will all lead up to high school. So this year 8th graders work hard and pay attention so you won’t end up being t9 student and spending 5 years in high school. To 5th this year, its your first year on computer. Don’t freak out it the  same as paper just know once you press submit there’s no going back so use your time wisely and make smart chooses. Leap Test isn’t just a normal test, your scores will stick with you through. Now your middle school career and determines what classes your take.