E-Sports at LCCA

Carlos Este-McDonald, Writer/Reporter

We have an E-Sports team for 6th-8th grade on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:15, with the current game catalogue being Rocket League and Smash Bros. Ultimate . For those who don’t know, E-Sports is a sport where you play video games competitively starting in 1972 at Stanford University. We are getting our jerseys which will be reversible so we can play against each other in practice on teams. In Smash Bros. , we will be doing 1 v 1 s and 2 v 2 s. With Rocket League being standard procedure. The rules for Smash will be 3 stock, 8 min, no items or final smash meter, loser selects stage, no hazards, and no DLC (for now). The specific legal stages are Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville,  Town and City, Small Battle Field, Lylat Cruise, Yoshi Story, Yoshi Island, Unova Pokemon League, and Kalos Pokemon League. Rocket League has standard rules (best of 5, 3v3 , 5 min, no mutators.)