Rosa Parks


Cailee Jones, Writer/Reporter

During Black History Month, we love to honor our African American leaders who fought for the rights we now have today. Today I will talk about Rosa Parkers. A powerful black woman, we didn’t give up her seat on the bus. 

Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. She was one powerful black African American female during the first civil rights movement for women. The referred to Ms. Parkers as ” the mother of the freedom movement”. Rosa Parkers fought for rights of women not only black women but including women of color. On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parkers didn’t give up her seat when James F. Blake the driver told her to. Rosa Parkers wasn’t the first black women who didn’t give up their seat Claudette Colvin was the 15 who didn’t give up her seat, but she was pregnant at the time it had occurred. They didn’t want to put her in the news as she was a black young pregnant female when all this was happening. 


Rosa Parks was a great civil rights activist in the community who had worked along the side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  She was a strong black women