Life As You Know It


Baylee Guillory

As a 8th grader I believe that to much is took for granted and because I’m in that grade group I know that most of the people in the same age group aren’t going to take anything seriously. Its annoying that most of us kids worry about the wrong things  but the moment that what we should have been worry  is up we curable. I mean don’t get me wrong we’re kids and we are going to make a lot of mistakes and we’re probably going to make so many in our life time you wont be able to count. The problem is for there to be a change we actually have to learn from those mistakes and that can’t just be on us. For there to be change parent have to teach us as well about our emotions. Middle school not just a 8th  needs to learn that not everyone get school or the classes that we have like enrichment. That may be a fun class or it may not but its still a teacher and as much as you may hate the class just chill out because you still need the grade. To be honest  I’m not the biggest fan of school but I know that everyone go and the most of the people we pass in the streets pass school. Now this probably isn’t smartest thing to say but this generation  is just so brain wash over the internet. The way we speak the way we act and the hobbies we have is all acted  over internet kids see kids do Not all kids are that way but most are and it’s sad. In 8th grade it’s like a small light everyone walks like the other and there no deafferents. Personality sometimes gets lost and it a lot harder to find that to lose. Friendship get broken and people move on but what doesn’t leave is your intelligence but way life flash so fast you forget to remember life isn’t just play and now you might not have the intelligence you needed because it was all play and no work. The we know is still here but it wont always be so make the good decisions now so in 50 years your not setting alone in a room wishing you found your people or the your way of life. So make it last because it wont always be here.