Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

Khloe Wolfe, Writer/Reporter

New Year’s resolutions are there to make you a better person. “New Year, new me!” is a common phrase associated with these resolutions. Here are the top 5 most common resolutions every year:

5. Live Life to the Fullest – Lots of people skim over the little things in life, and don’t learn to appreciate the big ones as a result. These people often want to improve their optimistic look on life, so they state this as their resolution.

4. Learn a New Skill or Hobby – What a better way to start off the year then to learn something new! Learn how to cook, ride a skateboard, or even learn a new language!

3. Get Organized – A great way to keep up with school, work, or just life in general! (P.S. buying a planner will really help!)

2. Lose Weight – A good 49.1% of adults want to lose weight, so they start a healthy diet and a good exercise routine!

1. Exercise More – The most common New Year’s resolution is none other than ‘exercising more’. It’s a great way to stay healthy, lose weight, and will also make you feel good too, once you get into the routine.

My New Year’s resolution is to become fluent in Spanish. What’s yours?