Beta: Virtual District


LCCA Students proudly display their creation for a competition in Florida

Amiah Dugas, Writer/Reporter

Due to Covid restrictions, District was held virtual this year. Unfortunately we weren’t able to physically preform on stage but were extremely thankful for the ability to compete in these different events. During this time we are not holding any practices because of the unknown results for state. Until we have our scores, we are unable to practice. Whenever we figure out our position for state, we will move forward with practices to get ready for our upcoming competition. It is a great honor to be apart of a big family that you spend your countless times with to get everything situated for district, state, and nationals. Normally the placing follows up with a 1st through 5th place results. Then afterwards, you are guaranteed a spot for state or nationals. District is open to all schools throughout the state. Critiquing may also put a lot of stress on the judges because there are SO many talented kids that compete in these different events. They have some kids that are so amazing that it can be hard to make a decision on who’s guaranteed a spot for state. But as students, we have to honor our school proudly in the events that we compete in. As many already know, I have been in BETA for 3 years now competing in my favorite event-group talent. Group talent is where a group of kids preform a dance on stage and eventually get judged upon it. Every event has it’s own restrictions that we have to follow or we might risk points for our school/team. In the end, we all enjoy ourselves no matter the end results because we love our special bonds that we quickly created with each other throughout the year.