thanksgiving movies

Damone Scott II

Thanksgiving is usually an overlooked holiday which is unfortunate because it is about being thankful. One of the many reasons I think people don’t really care about thanksgiving is because it doesn’t come with gifts, but today I am here to give you a thanksgiving present it might not come with wrapping paper it is a good one. Today I will be covering the top three best thanksgiving movies, let’s begin. Number three the Charlie brown thanksgiving, this is a classic starring Charlie brown and the rest of the peanuts as they learn what thanksgiving is truly about. Number two Squanto this PG movie about the native who saved the Pilgrims shows his journey through Europe and how he made it home, this one is gold for those who respect the origins of holidays. And number one free bird this movie goes into the less discussed part about thanksgiving. The movie stars Reggie the turkey as he tries not to become part of a thanksgiving feast that is it for this article. Instill next time keep practicing the seven habits and do things the charger way bye.