Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas


Khloe Wolfe, Writer/Reporter

Here are the top five ways to celebrate Christmas:

5. Put lights up

If you’re having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, then put lights up around your house! Many people decorate their house for Christmas, so you’ll fit right in with the others. Communities also might have light shows or places to go look at lights.

4. Make a Gingerbread house

Whether it be you buy one from the store to decorate or bake it from scratch, gingerbread houses are fun to decorate. They put you in the Christmas mood, and give you something to snack on while waiting for the big day. Win-win!

3. Put up a Christmas tree

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Christmas. Decorating the tree will be fun for your whole family! Buy a tree, buy some ornaments, pop on the Christmas music, and get decorating!

2. Start your Christmas shopping

Whether you’re making your list or buying the gifts, gift giving is a great, if not the best way to really get into the holiday spirit.

1. Visit family

The best way to spend your holiday break is being with your loved ones enjoying a great Christmas meal. You may have traditions you do with them or maybe you don’t. It’s always a treat getting to hang out with your family and friends on the holidays.