Amiah Dugas, Writer/Reporter

Dolphins are the most playful, energetic, and intelligent animals on our planet. It is our duty to help protect these species from harmful predators and people. These amazing creatures love the constant attention from bystanders which provides them with a social encounter that they obviously enjoy.

All dolphins devour fish throughout their day but many that live deeper in the ocean depend on a different diet including jellyfish and squid to stay healthy. Their daily activities include traveling, socializing, eating, and resting. Even though they spend majority of their time in water, they cannot breathe underwater which causes them to come up for air. They communicate through chirp and whistle sounds. These mammals also have excellent eyesight and hearing. They can have a sensitive hearing that causes them to see objects in the ocean. This allows them to locate food during dirty or unclear water.

Dolphins sleep in a very unusual way. They let half of their brain sleep at a time while the other half is awake so that it could prevent them from drowning.

Most of these mammals are marine and live in the ocean or brackish waters along the coastlines. There are some dolphins that live in freshwater streams and rivers which shows the different environments that these unique species follow in order to stay alive and healthy.