Basketball Games &’ Sponsors


Cailee Jones, Reporter/Writer

Last night the chargers faced off with Crowley middle school, Our junior varsity boys play first and when they did jump ball we scored the first points. Our junior varsity boys won their game with 14-2. Next the lady chargers came on the court and did their layups and hyped their teammates up and our girls worked hard and played team ball.

They didn’t give up when they were tired, they fought till the end and won the game with 21 points. The lady chargers ended off the 4 quarter with 21-9. The varsity boys came on the court and played Crowley varsity and the game went so well they played with their hearts out and played team ball and cheer each other on from the sidelines and the crowd cheered also. The varsity boys ended their game with a score of 59-12 against Crowley middle school. All the chargers went home with a win for their first game.

The boys basketball team uniforms were sponsored by Tommie’s Fish Market and this also include their warms. They wear before and after the games. Thanks, Tommie’s Fish Market .