Nervous Before a Game


Cailee Jones, Reporter/Writer

Have you ever noticed before a game you’re very nervous, its you’re anxious because you don’t wanna mess up or lose. Game days are important but you kind of stress yourself out being nervous trying to perfect and not lose or mess in the game.

Game days make you very  nervous because people are watching you play . High coaches are watching you play to see if you would help their team win and take them to state. You’ll be nervous for your first few games. You’ll come out your shell when you aren’t nervous and show them who you are.

If you are ever nervous before a game take a deep breathe and breathe out and keep doing it till you feel okay. This helps keep you calm so you can your very best doing every game and won’t mess up or be too nervous to even get on the court. Slowing your breathing down will help you stay calm and keep focus on what’s important in the game and also help you when you’re out of breath.