Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day

Khloe Wolfe, Writer/Reporter

On Thursday, November 11th, school will be out for Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s Day was first celebrated as ‘’Armistice Day’’, which was the anniversary of World War 1. November 11th became a natural holiday in 1938. In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially changed the name to ‘’Veteran’s Day’’. We celebrate Veteran’s Day to honor those who risked their lives for America. This is why we get off school – to spend time and honor the loved ones that spent their time in the military so we can be safe.

LCCA is putting on a Veteran’s Day program on Friday, November 12th for this very reason. It is important for us to understand the risks and injuries that these soldiers have been through. Thousands have lost their lives to save millions of strangers. If you have a Veteran in your family, please bring them on Friday so we can celebrate all they’ve done for America.