Should Home Economics be taught in schools?


Amiah Dugas, Writer/Reporter

Home Economics should be taught in schools. It provides teens with fundamental skills such as cooking, cleaning, household management and finance to help prepare them for their future life. Not only does home ec teach students about cooking and safety but it also builds responsibility. When teens learn how to take care of their themselves and household, it helps them to become more responsible at home. Many people believe that this class only benefited women because of the skills taught like cooking and cleaning. But it teaches life skills that should be taught to every student no matter their gender. You also can learn how to sew which you might not think you would need until one of your clothes may be in a dire need of a quick fix. It can always be handy to have this skill because you never know when you might need it. Overall, Home economics should be taught in schools because of the valuable life skills it teaches you and because it can set you on the right path to be independent in your older ages.