Coach Coleman: Year 1 at LCCA


Cailee Jones, Reporter/Writer

Coach Coleman has been working here since the beginning of the 21-22 school year has started. He has had a great impact on the students and athletes at LCCA. He answered some questions about working at Lake Charles Charter Academy.  

We asked him how it feels working at a k-8 school, and he said it’s great because he gets to watch us grow up and become young adults and he won’t change that. Mr. Coleman was also asked how you feel about football season coming to an end and basketball season starting and Coach said he’s ready to see how the students and basketball coaches performed from last year to this year. He wants to see them do great. 

Coach Coleman explained how different it is to work with middle and elementary school students than high school students. He said high school students already have decided their ways good or bad but in middle and elementary school you still have a chance to fix bad behavior and have good behavior. Coach Coleman also said he won’t be leaving LCCA no time soon, he plans to stay here till he retires from the school system.