What We Need to Know About Teacher Shortage in the United States


Amiah Dugas, Writer/Reporter

Teacher shortage is commonly known throughout the United States and has evolved into a real economic problem. Without enough teachers worldwide, there would be a lack of adequate learning in the classroom which could hugely impact many students needs. Many teachers leave schools because of low pay, personal issues, stress, students, and now the coronavirus. This new virus has effected many staff and students around the world in numerous ways including:

  • wearing masks
  • having Covid restrictions
  • absence of teachers
  • social distancing
  • quarantining
  • schools closed
  • continuous use of hand sanitizer
  • wipe all surroundings after touched
  • in person and hybrid learning

Personally, I prefer being in my school because I learn, receive, and understand information way better than me being in hybrid learning. And just to see and be with your friends is the best thing especially when you were quarantined for more than 6 months. Having an assigned teacher in that classroom helps benefit your learning and understanding of a topic rather than having a sub. If you ask a sub a question majority of your time they can’t answer it which doesn’t solve your problem at all. Preferably, having a teacher is the best because they help their students succeed academically, even if it means staying after school for tutoring, one on one time, etc. Either way they drop everything to assist their students when needed. This increases their testing performance which shows that the teacher’s time taken out to explain something really helped that student excel in that specific subject.